Hidden Gems | Eliot's Top 10 Picks

Hidden Gems | Eliot's Top 10 Picks

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    Hidden Gems #1 | Each week the staff share their personal Hidden Gems from our inventory that they think should be on your radar.  

    This collection of guitars represents where my head / interests are these days - namely, Fender style builds (with a few Gibson-styles tossed in for variety). When I was gigging and recording more full-time a few years ago - my inspiration comes from mostly from the session / recording world - I'd developed a habit (let's call it a way to justify my purchases) of wanting to "cover the basses." I need a Strat, a Tele, a Les Paul...etc...I'd tell myself, and to be sure there's some wisdom in that approach, but these days I find that my biggest priority is owning guitars that truly inspire me and push me in new directions regardless of what the headstock says. Perhaps this wisdom is simply coming with age...

    The collection below also highlights my love of classic design, but with a reinterpreted approach. I tend to favor bands, players, and of course guitars, that are unique but have one foot in tradition. 

    Have fun browsing and please let me know if you have any questions about any of these guitars - I'm always happy to help.

    ~Eliot | Electric Guitars, Web, Marketing