Hidden Gems | Diego's Top 10 Picks

Hidden Gems | Diego's Top 10 Picks

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    Hidden Gems #7 | Each week the staff share their personal Hidden Gems from our inventory that they think should be on your radar.  

    One of the absolute best parts of my role here at TME is working one-on-one with clients to take their pedalboards to the next level. Whether it’s for out-of-town recording sessions or a local jam, it’s always a privilege to help you find the sound you’re looking for.

    This collection of Hidden Gems is inspired by the tones I’ve helped to create on recent builds. Altogether, they form an inspiring yet compact wet/dry/wet rig that would be right at home with players like Joey Landreth, Ariel Posen, and Mason Stoops.

    Please enjoy this selection of gear and if you have any questions or would just like to chat signal flow feel free to reach out!

    ~Diego | Sales & Pedals