Ibanez CS9 Stereo Chorus (USED, c. 1983)

Ibanez CS9 Stereo Chorus (USED, c. 1983)

Ibanez CS9 Stereo Chorus (USED, c. 1983)

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The Ibanez CS9 Stereo Chorus was built in Japan by Maxon in 1983 during a period when several companies were having their pedals built by Maxon. The Ibanez AD-9 Analog Delay and the immensely popular Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer Overdrive were also born out of this period.

The CS9 provides warm yet clear chorusing with utmost simplicity via the Speed and Width controls. Take your chorus tone from subtle to immensely deep and thick sounding with ease.

Condition: Excellent. Very little wear on the exterior. Well maintained and functioning perfectly.

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