Zvex Wah Probe Hand Painted

Zvex Wah Probe Hand Painted

Zvex Wah Probe Hand Painted

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9v DC

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A wah-wah like never before... the Wah Probe controller is proximity-dependent. The closer you get, the higher the wah frequency.

Why We Love This

Fast wah-bles, swirly moans, traditional "chew-wah-wah" sounds... and in the studio, try putting it in an effects loop in the board for a hand-controlled beautifully-timed bandpass manipulator.

The Wah Probe features a Super Hard-On Boost circuit as well as the wah so you may drive the input of the wah up to a maximum gain of 60, for crunchy loud lead wah sounds, or set it for precisely matched levels between the wahed and bypassed guitar.


Determines how bright the wah can get. Turn this all the way clockwise for maximum brightness (this is the setting in the original Wah Probe). Turning this knob counter-clockwise makes the range of the wah akin to more traditional vocal ranges.
This is the volume level of the “drive” knob... just set it so that when you kick on the wah it’s doing its stuff at the right intensity. It goes from slightly lower than the normal guitar volume to completely bonkers when turned up all the way. I personally don’t think it’s necessary to turn it up all the way in fact it seems to pretty much obliterate the wah sound but to each his own.
Controls the wet/dry mix of the effect. Turn all the way clockwise for pure wah or all the way counterclockwise for just the unaffected signal. Everything in between is a mixture of the two signals. This is great for stacking with fuzz or distortion. Bass players will also like this.
9v DC Battery or Power Supply (standard Boss configuration with center negative)
7.50" x 4.70" x 2.40"

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