Zvex Tremolo Probe

Zvex Tremolo Probe

Zvex Tremolo Probe

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9v DC

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This is a hopped-up volume pedal with an SHO Boost at its heart, providing boost, and a copper probe plate which allows for expressive, unique tones.

Why We Love This

"At the he heart of this pedal is a SHO Boost circuit combined with a probe controller circuit that I developed for use with the fuzz probe and some other devices not yet released.

You can tap on this pedal with your foot to make lovely tremolo sounds that are in perfect time with your foot’s movement... so they can be perfectly in time with your performance or the band’s tempo changes.

You can also use the pedal to make reverse-sounding volume swells or pedal-steel type volume effects." ~Zachary Vex

How It Works

The copper antenna projects a field of RF energy that is affected by your foot (or other appendage), altering the circuit that generates it, an in so doing, increasing the brightness of that LED on the top of the pedal and also controlling the master volume of the output. You can set the drive of the pedal with the knob on the back... it gets pretty darn loud, so watch out. It will distort in an interesting way when it is cranked. Basically, the reason it is called the tremolo probe is that you can tap on the antenna at any speed and your sound will be a nice tremolo in time with the band.

It is possible to set the volume to be up slightly when your foot is off the antenna and come up louder as your foot approaches the antenna.


7.50" x 4.70" x 2.40"

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