Zvex Ringtone Lisa McGrath Painted

Zvex Ringtone Lisa McGrath Painted

Zvex Ringtone Lisa McGrath Painted

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Sequenced RingMod
9v DC
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If any pedal defines the mad-genius, effects-wizard status of Zachary Vex, this is it.

Why We Love This

The Ringtone TT by Z.Vex Effects is the world's first dedicated tap-tempo sequenced ring modulator for guitar use.

The best way to get your head around what this pedal is all about is to: a) watch the included video where Zachary Vex himself walks you through it b) plug it in, start twisting knobs, and be reminded of how fun it is to explore sound.

Seriously, this pedal is meant to create unusual and interesting sounds. Pro tip? Hook up a looper after it and dig in. Hours of fun.


Mini Switch
Sequence/Random/Step which sets the function of the left stomp switch-a speed control for the sequence/random mode
8 individual carrier pitch adjustment knobs
The left stomp switch which enters tap tempos or operates as a manual step control and the true-bypass stomp switch on the right
Internal Trim
There is a trim-pot adjustment on the small daughter board attached to the bypass switch to set the mix of ring-modulated sound versus direct guitar. When shipped from the factory this is mix is set for pure ring-modulation
9v DC Battery or Power Supply (standard Boss configuration with center negative)
Power Draw
4.70" (L) x 2.38" (W) x 1.82" (H)

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