RimRock Mythical Overdrive Silver (Vintage Spec w/Toggle)

RimRock Mythical Overdrive Silver (Vintage Spec w/Toggle)

RimRock Mythical Overdrive Silver (Vintage Spec w/Toggle)

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The Mythical Overdrive is a low gain overdrive / boost based on the legendary Klon Centaur. Each MO is handmade in Oregon by Ken Dalton himself, and they just exude quality from the moment you pick one up. We really love the overall look and pedalboard friendly size. 

To skip right to the point, these pedals sound phenomenal! We've tried a lot of "Klon Klones", in addition to spending time with the real deal, and these are as close to the real thing as we've encountered. This circuit excels at fattening single coil tones or pushing an already cranked amp in an incredibly sweet, smooth, compressed overdrive.

What's especially hep about the MO is that Ken builds them with two different clipping options, selectable via a mini-toggle switch on the top.

Translation? To our ears, you get the option of classic Klon / mid-drenched boost tones - or - a slightly higher headroom, "bigger" sounding version of the Klon. Subtle to be sure, but it's there and a cool to have the option. 

As you can tell, we love the Mythical Overdrive. If you're looking to add that Klon magic to your rig, do yourself a favor and click the add-to-cart button - you won't regret it!

  • Mammoth Electronics Powercoated enclosure
  • Silk Screen graphics, no decals, stickers, or sharpies
  • Through hole fabricated PCB, no perf or vero
  • 1% silver mica resistors
  • Nichichon audio grade capacitors
  • Alpha pots
  • Matched Germanium IN34A diodes
  • Silicon OA128 diodes
  • Neutrik jacks
  • Hi intensity LED
  • Davies knobs
  • Buffered bypass
  • All IC and Diodes socketed

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