Pickup LesLee for Gibson Les Paul

Pickup LesLee for Gibson Les Paul
Pickup LesLee for Gibson Les Paul
Pickup LesLee for Gibson Les Paul

Pickup LesLee for Gibson Les Paul

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The Pickup LesLee is a cool little piece of analog onboard technology that utilizes your bridge and neck pickups to generate a distinct percussive tremo-vibe sound simply by auto-alternating the pickup signals!

Why We Love This

Using top quality components only & made to easily install the LesLee into your guitar's control cavity - to reveal its true powers, sonically.

Once LesLee is onboard, you can't see it. Your guitar looks unchanged, works much the same as ever - and also remains 100% reversible to its original state. It processes the analog, passive pickup signals, maintaining the pure sound of your guitar.

All units are made to the highest standards using premium quality components and professional grade ingredients - CTS, Bourns and MEC switched potentiometers, silver coated Belden wire and Switchcraft output jacks & slide switches. This guarantees to preserve - if not improve - the sound of your guitar.

All needed functions are integrated - and simply added to the existing controls - on all models. The brand new V2 motherboard executes the necessary tasks with excellence and ultra low power consumption.

These brand new aftermarket harnesses are expertly designed to offer trouble-free drop-in installation for any traditional Les Paul configuration.

Pickup LesLee is here!

We're huge fans of founder Pascal Stoffel's proprietary circuit that - until now - could only be found integrated into custom-made models offered by Germany's Deimel Guitars. These aftermarket units bring that unique sonic circuitry into some of the most popular electric guitar designs on the market! Whether it's a Strat, Tele, Les Paul, or even your favorite offset Fender, Pickup LesLee can now be seamlessly installed into your own guitar.

In our experience, no effect pedal comes close to the feel and tone of Pickup LesLee. If you're the type of player looking to expand and feed your creative and musical mind, this unit will deliver it in spades!

The Les Paul unit works by utilizing the double volume controls and preserving their functionality also for LesLee®, allowing to blend the two separate volumes even when LesLee® is ON.

The neck Tone control becomes a push/pull for ON/OFF and Speed, and the former bridge tone control becomes the new master Tone control with push-pull that switches between Mono and Stereo modes and auto-stutter ON/OFF in Mono mode.. The volume control acts as it should while also becoming a Mono/Stereo switch via its push/pull pot. In the 'down' position it remains Mono; pulling up on the pot engages Stereo operation, which allows the player to split each pickup between two amplifiers via the included Y cable.

**PLEASE NOTE: Installation is recommended by a guitar technician.**

LesLee® unit for Gibson Les Paul® includes charge cable, stereo output cable & printed manuals. Operated by two push/pull pots. Please check your current shaft lengths and order accordingly.

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