Koll High-Rise "Duo Drive" Overdrive (USED)

Koll High-Rise "Duo Drive" Overdrive (USED)

Koll High-Rise "Duo Drive" Overdrive (USED)

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The High-Rise is a new premium overdrive with massive frequency range and incredible touch sensitivity. High-Rise responds dynamically to your guitar’s tone settings and enhances them; it doesn’t mask them. The “Steel” circuit acts as a clean boost, bringing clear, organic overdrive to any amp or pedal combination. The “Concrete” circuit delivers additional gain, grit, and saturation. Together, the two circuits offer a myriad of tonal possibilities for a wide range of playing styles. Explore and achieve new tones from each side individually, or use them together. Get higher.

The High-Rise was designed by Saul Koll and Portland effects maestro Jack Deville, with graphic design by Aaron Draplin. The knobs were custom designed by Saul and cast by Matt Haramis. It’s true-bypass and runs quietly on a 9VDC adapter or an optional internal 9V battery (run at 18VDC for added headroom and clarity). Every pedal is handmade one-by-one in Portland, Oregon.

Condition: Excellent

  • Premium Overdrive Pedal
  • Designed by Saul Koll, Jack DeVille, Aaron Draplin
  • Handmade in Portland, OR
  • 9VDC, battery or adaptor (can run at 18V for added headroom and clarity)

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