James Mandolin Tailpiece

James Mandolin Tailpiece
James Mandolin Tailpiece

James Mandolin Tailpiece

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The James Tailpiece is an innovative mandolin tailpiece that brings together classic elegance with performance and function.

Why We Love This

The hinged cover features a unique, concealed latch that secures the cover and requires only a slight pressure to snap open or closed. Elements of the latch also dampen the strings and cover from unwanted vibrations.

To facilitate re-stringing, the cover flips up allowing easy access to string ends, then flips down to hold string ends in place leaving both hands free.

A favorite of many of today's top mandolin builders.

“All I can say is "WOW"!!! This thing is great!”

Lynn Dudenbostel
Dudenbostel Stringed Instruments

"Best mandolin tailpiece I've ever used."

Will Kimble
Kimble Mandolins

“Elegant in both design and function”

Michael Lewis
Michael Lewis Guitars & Mandolins

Available In Nickel & Gold

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