Carr Bloke w/Cover (USED)

Carr Bloke w/Cover (USED)
Carr Bloke w/Cover (USED)
Carr Bloke w/Cover (USED)
Carr Bloke w/Cover (USED)

Carr Bloke w/Cover (USED)

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Meant to conjure the vibe, tones, and spirit of 70s high(er) gain stacks, the 48-watt, EL34 loaded, 1x12" Bloke easily gets you into punchy, tight rock n roll tones without pummeling you with excessive volume (compared to those aforementioned 70s stacks). 

The Bloke has controls for drive, level for the Normal and Lead channels, treble, mid, and bass, in addition to switches for controling medium/high gain settings along with Normal / Lead channel selection - both functions are foot-switchable w/the included foot switch. 

We found elements of the current Carr Merc V in the Bloke's British voicing. To be sure, the Bloke is a rock n roll machine. While you can get a little bit of a clean sound going, this amp sounds best when you start pushing the gain control up. Everything we love about Carr amps starts to reveal itself in these higher gain settings - tight low end, loads of top end sparkle and presence, and killer breakup. It's truly like having a hot-rodded Marshall stack in a 47 pound combo! 

Condition: Excellent. No major signs of wear. Priced with custom padded cover and foot switch. 

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