TME regulars have likely noticed that it's been awhile since we've seen any of Joe Yanuziello's brilliant guitars. One of our customers placed a custom order, and while not for sale, we wanted to share some pics and info a) because....well, look at it (!) and b) to let you know we do have 2 of Joe's guitars coming in the next month or two and several more on order (cough, cough, hint, hint). 

The goal for this custom build? Vibe-wise - Rickenbacker. Joe nailed it down to the more orange-ish looking Padouk fretboard. Classic Ric, no? Other details include the fingerboard markers (a variation of "The Continental" - TME exclusive model's inlays) and a different knob layout. 

The fit and finish are world class. Some guitars that reach this level of build perfection can be a little lifeless -the pursuit of perfection at the expense of being soulful. Not so with Joe Yanuziello's instruments. There's a lot of heart and soul in these guitars and we regularly find ourselves digging deeper, playing new licks and ideas when we get a spare 15 minutes to sit with one.

The tones from the Fralin/Yanuziello single coil pickups are articulate, nuanced, fat, and warm. There is a complexity to the tone of these guitars that's very appealing to our ears. You can achieve Frisell-esq clean tones all the way to swampy, loose-bass, pushed blues tones with ease. Did we mention that these guitars weigh between 5-6lbs? Just an amazing playing experience overall.

Keep an eye on our site towards the end of June - you don't want to miss out on these very special instruments (they sell quickly). Priced with a Yanuziello Ameritage case.


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