Samar VL37A Active Ribbon Microphone

Samar VL37A Active Ribbon Microphone
Samar VL37A Active Ribbon Microphone
Samar VL37A Active Ribbon Microphone

Samar VL37A Active Ribbon Microphone

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We are thrilled to welcome Samar Audio to The Music Emporium! Based in Salt Lake City, Mark Fauxman builds exceptionally high-quality microphones, earning rave reviews and accolades particularly for his ribbon mics.

The VL37A has become our go-to microphone for our in-house instrument demo videos. Samar mics have a beautifully full voice, with a substantial low end, flattering midrange, and—unlike most other ribbons—rich high-end extension. It is a wonderfully natural sounding microphone, easy to dial in, producing consistently winning recordings, no matter what we throw at it.

More from Samar's own website:

"...As with all of our microphones, the VL37A is entirely handcrafted and meticulously assembled using parts made exclusively in our US shop.

The VL37A tonal balance combines a vintage vibe with a modern sound, creating a unique but affordable recording tool. Its bi-directional, figure 8, symmetrical polar pattern is perfect when used on vocals, choir, piano, violin, orchestra, brass instruments, acoustic and electric guitar, speaker cabinets, drum overheads, room microphones, among other recording, broadcast, and classical music applications. It has a Stainless Steel body and comes in a [new, foam-lined case] and anti-vibration shockproof clip."

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