Hidden Gems | Ian's Top 10 Picks

Hidden Gems | Ian's Top 10 Picks

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    Hidden Gems #5 | Each week the staff share their personal Hidden Gems from our inventory that they think should be on your radar. 

    Gazing up at the instruments that line the walls of this shop, I often think of Tantalus. There are differences: we are talking guitars, not low hanging fruit tortuously just out of reach. We can hear, touch, play the objects of our sensory desire. And 10a-5p on a Saturday is but a blip on the landscape of eternity. But we share with the tragic figure that same sense of potential energy ever at arm’s length away, of wishing to access something that feels fulfilling and vital to our nourishment, when alas, no, we can’t own them all. Hazards of the trade.

    Like my friend and colleague, Steven, my tastes are wide ranging (though his talents are considerably greater). For me, the hidden gems are instrument that catch me up. They defy my expectations and redirect my thinking. Once in hand, or in the signal chain, they open up new paths for deeper exploration of an idea. In the right, quiet moment, they will lead me down a path less traveled.

    Some of these I own. Others I wish I owned. All of them occasionally keep me up at night.

    ~ Ian | Mandolins & Sales