Fender Custom Shop

Fall 2023 Collection

We have an exceptional batch of new Fender Custom Shop instruments in the shop right now and thought it'd be fun to share them with you as a collection. These instruments represent the Fender Custom Shop at their best - creative, honoring their past, and pushing their craft into the future via inspiring, resonant, tone-filled guitars. We'd put these up against any of the boutique guitars we represent - they're that good.


LTD '61 Bone Tone Stratocaster

This heavy relic '61 Custom Shop Strat finds Fender tipping their hat to Fender's practice of shooting custom colors over sunburst in the 60s. Since all the bodies were already finished in sunburst, Leo thought it most efficient to simply shoot the ordered color over those bodies. Over time as the guitar began to age, you'd start to see some of the original sunburst finish poking through, creating a really cool and unique "combination" finish.