Zvex Lo-Fi Loop Junky Hand Painted

Zvex Lo-Fi Loop Junky Hand Painted

Zvex Lo-Fi Loop Junky Hand Painted

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9v DC
Power Draw

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A 20-second analog phrase-sampling looper with very low fidelity, frequency response that cuts off at 2.6 kHz, brick-wall compression, hiss, distortion, and a warped-record vibrato feature that makes your guitar sound like an ancient radio transmission, but your direct guitar sounds especially sparkly.

Why We Love This

This is the Zvex Lo-Fi Loop Junky. It’s really low fidelity… the recording of your guitar is filled with hiss, moan, distortion and warped-record strangeness, but everyone will be able to tell the loop from your real

Because the processing of your direct guitar is done with Zvex's bootstrap circuit, with the very highest impedance circuit they've ever developed (even higher than the Super Hard-On circuit) your direct guitar will have detail incomparable with anything you’ve ever heard.

How does it sound? Some people compare it to a warped, damaged 45-rpm record. Some say that the compression is immaculate, while some say it destroys any concept of the original dynamic.

From Zachary Vex...

"Some say that the noise is intolerable… some say it’s as precious as snow in the middle of nowhere. Some people have no taste. Lucky for me, taste is not the issue. I can promise one thing… your direct guitar will sound
impeccable. I can’t promise that the loop will sound good… you’ll have to make some adjustments to your concept of “good” to be sure of that. I can promise that the loop will be different from any sampler you’ve heard."


Loop volume (gets really loud if you need it)
Cuts noise and distortion. Makes the final sound of the loop rolled off and organ-like if necessary
Record volume. You can decide how loud to drive the recorder... to overdrive if you like
Vibrato depth. Adjust for the level of pitch twisting
that makes you happy
Vibrato speed. Adjust for the speed that spins the sound around in a way that fits the music
9v DC Battery or Power Supply (standard Boss configuration with center negative)
Power Draw
4.70" (L) x 2.38" (W) x 1.82" (H)

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