Victoria 20112

Victoria 20112

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The Victoria 20112 is Victoria Amplifier's take on the lauded "narrow panel" Fender Deluxe. You know the amp and some of its legendary Maybe these names will jar your memory: Neil, Larry, Billy F., Grant....(as in Young, Carlton, Gibbons, Green). 

Long considered a classic, this style of amp delivers stunning 3-dimensional tones, huge dynamic range, warmth, and a killer midrange. The pine cabinet is a huge part of the magic. Get enough volume going to really get the cabinet resonating, much like an acoustic guitar's body, and you won't miss that reverb knob at all. The sound emanates from the front, sides, back...way less directional than its 60's-era amp cousins which are incredibly directional. 

The Victoria 20112 is one of the best recreations of this legendary amp on the market. Don't think of it as simply an amp - these are instruments in and of themselves. Check it out!