Universal Audio Ruby '63 Top Boost Amplifier

Universal Audio Ruby &

Universal Audio Ruby '63 Top Boost Amplifier

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Amp Simulator
9v DC
Power Draw
400 mA
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Built on powerful dual-engine processing and world-class UAD modeling, Ruby '63 delivers choirboy cleans, complex overdrive, and classic vibrato.

Why We Love This

The UAFX Ruby '63 Top Boost Amplifier pedal gives you the quintessential British valve amp beloved by artists and producers for over 60 years, from Queen to U2 to Radiohead.


Brit Amp Tones
Whether it's replacing your amp rig and going direct to front-of-house on stage - or recording tracks into your DAW — Ruby '63 gives you the inspiring & album‑ready tones of an expertly miked "golden unit" vintage tube combo - within seconds.
Ruby '63 is the only stompbox that gives you the Normal/Brilliant/Vibrato channels from the original amp — so you can fly to Ireland/London/Liverpool with the flip of a switch. From mellow to chime to grind - it's all here.
Classic Boosts
Ruby '63 packs classic boosts - right onboard. The legendary '60s Dallas Rangemaster germanium treble booster and the preamp of a '70s Maestro EP-3 tape delay.

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