Throbak Strange Master

Throbak Strange Master

Throbak Strange Master

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The Throbak Strange Master is a recreation of the Dallas Rangemaster Treble Booster used by Eric Clapton, Brian May, and Tony Iommi. In keeping with Throbak's Signature Sound philosophy, the Strange Master includes both germanium and silicon transistors which means you can get classic Dallas Rangemaster treble booster germanium tones and higher gain silicon treble booster tones from one pedal!

Recreate the Clapton Beano tone, the singing overdrive of Brian May, or the growl of Tony Iommi with this pedal - it's all there!

  • Carefully selected, and auditioned low noise Germanium and silicon transistors.
  • External transistor bias knob adjustment.
  • Treble Booster - Mid Range Boost switch.
  • Germanium Dallas Rangemaster treble booster voiced.
  • 9 volt power jack.
  • True bypass switch.
  • Compact pedal design.
  • Socketed Germanium Transistor.

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