Throbak Fuzz Haze

Throbak Fuzz Haze

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The Fuzz Haze is a recreation of the Germanium Dallas-Arbiter Fuzz Face. The original was made famous by Jimi Hendrix and favored by Eric Clapton, David Gilmour, and countless others. Players like this had the luxury of cherry-picking the best fuzz pedals and then having them tweaked further by techs like Roger Mayer. 

The Fuzz Haze solves the quality problems of the originals with stringent quality control, component selection, and user tweaks that were never available on the vintage Fuzz Face units. Offering up the same thick, screaming fuzz that drew players like Hendrix to the original, Throbak ups the game by including internal user-adjustable pre-gain and bias trim to give you full control over the character of the fuzz and its bass response. 

The Fuzz Haze from Throbak might just be the ultimate Fuzz Face! Check this pedal out, you won't be disappointed.