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They had us at Mission of Burma + Source Audio. As huge fans of both, we couldn’t be more excited to be a part of this home-town project: the Limited Edition Vertigo VS Tremolo. For us, this project really captures what makes Boston’s music community amazing - a strong DIY ethos, innovative music & ideas, and a collaborative spirit. To have that spirit embodied in such a unique, beautiful sounding (& looking) pedal…what’s cooler or more inspiring than that?

Source Audio One Series Vertigo VS Limited Edition

Source Audio One Series Vertigo VS Limited Edition

Source Audio One Series Vertigo VS Limited Edition

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The Vertigo VS is a special, limited-edition pedal honoring the legendary Boston band Mission of Burma.

The Vertigo VS pedal is a special version of Source Audio’s Vertigo Tremolo featuring graphics from the cover art of MoB’s iconic post-punk masterpiece, Vs. It includes six unique tremolo effects designed by Mission of Burma guitarist Roger Miller. Each of the three tremolo effects on this special edition Vertigo match the guitar tones from the Mission of Burma songs, “Tremelo,” “Secrets,” and “Trem II.”

The tremolo sound on these recordings came from a custom, one-of-a-kind tremolo pedal built exclusively for Roger Miller by Lou Giordano. Giordano was an MIT educated electrical engineer and record producer/engineer at Fort Apache recording studio in Cambridge, MA during the 80s. He worked with a wide range of bands including, Husker Du, Sugar, Goo Goo Dolls, and Taking Back Sunday.

Miller explains, “While in Mission of Burma, Lou Giordano made me a custom tremolo pedal which made the extreme ‘Trem II’ pulse possible. Until I was introduced to the Vertigo, I had not been able to recreate that sound in any other device.”

Miller has been using the Source Audio Vertigo Tremolo along with their Nemesis Delay and Kingmaker Fuzz for close to 5 years. All of the sounds in the special edition Vertigo have been modified using Source Audio’s Neuro Desktop editing capabilities to replicate the sound of the original Giordano engineered tremolo pedal.

The pedal also includes three additional tremolo effects designed by Miller. These sounds tap into some of the Vertigo’s more expansive capabilities including a sound that captures the effect of a Leslie rotary speaker, a sound that combines an aggressive chopping tremolo with a slow-moving phaser effect.

The Special Edition Mission of Burma Vertigo pedal pedal is fully compatible with Source Audio’s the free Neuro software, Desktop and Mobile Editors, available for Mac, PC, Android, and iOS. Source Audio’s proprietary effects editing software.

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