Keeley 6-Stage Phaser, Black Sparkle (USED)

Keeley 6-Stage Phaser, Black Sparkle (USED)

Keeley 6-Stage Phaser, Black Sparkle (USED)

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Keeley 6-Stage Phaser in Black Sparkle just arrived at the shop! This is a fantastic phaser that is no longer available from Keeley. Excellent aesthetic and operating condition! Here's what Keeley had to say about it...

This is the first OTA 6-stage Analog phaser with tap tempo and Leslie Style Ramp!
The Keeley Phaser boasts a 6-stage analog phasing circuit based on OTA IC’s. Phasers with these circuits are known for very rich and deep phaser sounds. The phasing is not as mechanical as their JFET cousins and this contributes greatly to their lush sound. The Keeley Phaser has a beautiful resonant response in the slow speeds and a sonorous shimmer at the faster settings.

While we were working on the sound, we were also looking for new methods of control. Features like speed ramps and tap tempos were what we had in mind. We tried creating some of these features without digital help at first. It soon became apparent that this was very limiting.

We wanted the digital circuitry to feel like was an “Invisible Hand” turning the knobs on your completely analog effect. This is very much what we achieved with the Keeley Phaser. Your signal is never sampled, your sound never deconstructed. It’s as if an impossibly good guitar tech adjusted your phaser to the exact speed you were tapping.

In addition to the tap tempo feature we added a ramp that allows you to merge seamlessly between two different speeds. We were looking for something similar to the brake on a Leslie. This feature turned out to be way more fun than we expected!

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