JHS Pedals Cheese Ball Fuzz/Distortion

JHS Pedals Cheese Ball Fuzz/Distortion

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Straddling the line between distortion and fuzz, the JHS Pedals Cheese Ball captures the magic of the old Lovetone pedal on which it's based. The list of bands that used the original tells you a bit about what you can expect from this little orange box - U2, Radiohead, Jimmy Page, My Bloody Valentine, Wilco, etc...calling any and all sonic adventurers!

The key to this pedal's versatility is the 4-position knob. When off, the global tone knob is disengaged with results in a brighter, low-fi fuzz tone. Big Muff-esq scooped mid fatness lives in Position 2, and position 3 reminds us a bit of the zipper/gated fuzz tone a la a Zvex Fuzz Factory. Combined with the volume, tone, and gain controls, there are a ton of very tasty tones on tap (see what we did there?).

A very cool, very accurate recreation of a legendary pedal - we're sold!

(Credit to Living Room Gear Demos for the video.)

  • 9v DC negative center power