Heather Brown Electronicals 'The Blessed Mother' Overdrive

Heather Brown Electronicals &
Heather Brown Electronicals &

Heather Brown Electronicals 'The Blessed Mother' Overdrive

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The second we came across Heather Brown and her Blessed Mother overdrive pedal, we knew we had to work with her.

Why We Love This

There was just something about the vibe of this pedal that alluded to good things (you just develop a sense for things like this over time, right?).

After learning that Heather had spent time working for Electro-Harmonix founder Mike Matthews and pedal legend Robert Keeley? Done. Take our money.

Here's Heather's description of this fabulous sounding overdrive...

"The Blessed Mother's supernatural combination of germanium and silicon diodes generates a uniquely raw, yet velvety tone. She features an adjustable transparency function: The Immaculator. This lets you preserve or purify the sound's original grit to your liking.

The Mother is a splendid first stage OD or clean boost. She plays well with others, is true bypass, and has a powerful treble and bass control range. She takes 9v or 18v DC. And yes, her halo and heart light up…cuz God’s mom deserves it."

Blend knob for added transparency control | Drive, Treble, and Bass controls | 9v or 18v DC. (Center Negative) |
33mA draw

Meet Heather

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