Fender Shaw Hot 50's Telecaster Pickups (Set)

Fender Shaw Hot 50&

Fender Shaw Hot 50's Telecaster Pickups (Set)

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Acclaimed pickup guru Tim Shaw slightly overwound these Telecaster® pickups for girthy tone that’s still vintage-informed. Crafted specifically for each position and carefully designed for top-notch tone that modern players will love, the pickups in this set are calibrated for the best possible performance whether used solo or together.

The bridge pickup uses a copper base plate for traditional Tele® tone, along with flush-mounted alnico 5 magnets and Formvar wire; the neck pickup uses the same high-quality alnico 5 magnets, but incorporates plain enamel wire. Alnico 5 magnets have a tighter, more-focused sound than the alnico 3 counterparts used in the earliest Fender pickups, and their fast, bright attack is perfect for players who use pedals to shape their tone. Staying true to materials used during the original era of Fender, the leads are cloth-wrapped.

  • Bobbin Material - Fiber
  • DC Resistance - Neck: 8.0K, Bridge: 7.7K
  • Inductance - Neck: 3.16 Henries, Bridge: 4.03 Henries
  • Magnet Type - Alnico 5
  • Magnet Wire - Neck: Enamel-coated, Bridge: Formvar-coated
  • Output - Hot
  • Pickup Configuration
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