Fender EOB Ed O'Brien Stratocaster Olympic White

Fender EOB Ed O&
Fender EOB Ed O&
Fender EOB Ed O&
Fender EOB Ed O&
Fender EOB Ed O&
Fender EOB Ed O&
Fender EOB Ed O&
Fender EOB Ed O&
Fender EOB Ed O&
Fender EOB Ed O&

Fender EOB Ed O'Brien Stratocaster Olympic White

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Ed O'Brien's ambient, ethereal, and orchestral guitar style is an essential part of the sonic identity of Radiohead. So when we learned that Fender was releasing a signature model Strat for Ed, we knew we had to have one. We're happy to report, this is an incredibly cool, well made, great playing and sounding guitar - beyond just the cool electronics. 

What makes the EOB Strat unique is undoubtedly the pickups - namely, the Sustainer neck pickup. Imagine having an Ebow built into your guitar - meaning, you have access to infinite sustain and controlled feedback quite literally at the flick of a switch (or two). Think "With or Without You" by U2, likely one of the more famous uses of a Sustainer pickup (when the bass comes in along with that ethereal sustained note? You guessed it, that's the sustainer guitar part). 

Along with the ultra-fun and inspiring Sustainer pickup, the EOB Strat is loaded with a Seymour Duncan JB Jr. bridge pickup, a Custom Shop Texas Special middle pickup, master volume, master tone, intensity control / on-off / fundamental-harmonic-blend switch (for the sustainer), and a standard 5-way pickup switch. 

Ok, ok - the electronics sound cool, but how's the guitar itself? 

We were wondering the same thing. In a word? Awesome! This is a really solid, well setup, great playing Strat - somewhat reminiscent of the Eric Johnson Strats (ie, way better than a production guitar at this price-point has a right to be). One of our favorite features, electronics aside, is the neck carve. Ed chose the comfortably chunky 10/56 "V' carve for his signature Strat, along with a satin finish - nicely done, sir! It's a decision that really makes the build feel elevated - always cool to see players at this level provide a cool, unique, and well made guitar for their fans, right? 

Priced with gig bag. 

  • Olympic White, Gloss Poly finish
  • Alder body
  • 1-Piece Maple neck, satin finish
  • 10/56 "V" Back-Shape
  • 1.63" nut width
  • 9.5" radius 
  • Black dots
  • Narrow Tall Frets, 21
  • Synthetic Bone Nut
  • Seymour Duncan JB Jr bridge pickup, Custom Shop Texas Special middle pickup, Sustainer Driver neck pickup
  • Master Volume, Master Tone, Intensity Control, Active Sustainer On/Off Switch, Fundamental/Harmonic/Blend Switch
  • 3-Ply Parchment Pickguard
  • 9-42 Strings 
  • Gig Bag
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