Dr. Z Amps Z-Plus (USED, 2021)

Dr. Z Amps Z-Plus (USED, 2021)
Dr. Z Amps Z-Plus (USED, 2021)
Dr. Z Amps Z-Plus (USED, 2021)
Dr. Z Amps Z-Plus (USED, 2021)
Dr. Z Amps Z-Plus (USED, 2021)
Dr. Z Amps Z-Plus (USED, 2021)
Dr. Z Amps Z-Plus (USED, 2021)
Dr. Z Amps Z-Plus (USED, 2021)

Dr. Z Amps Z-Plus (USED, 2021)

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Looking for a low-powered amp that can still pack some punch? This gently used Dr. Z Z-Plus 1x12 combo will get you there! Loaded with a Celestion Alnico Blue speaker and running on pair of 6V6s wired in parallel for single-ended circuitry, the Z-Plus captures the harmonic richness of vintage Tweed Champs and Gibson GA-8 Gibsonettes and injects more power, EQ, and Reverb for an uber-versatile compact combo - and it's Joe Walsh approved! Here's what Dr. Z (Mike Zaite) says about the amp...

The Dr. Z Z-Plus is a parallel, single-end amplifier in true Class A configuration, which yields a rich clean tone that smoothly overdrives into gritty, harmonic-laden distortion. Single-ended, Class A operation produces full even-order harmonics which are typically cancelled in traditional push-pull, Class A/B tube amp designs. The result is sparkling and satisfying tone with the full range of 2nd and 4th order harmonics with clarity akin to an full bodied, acoustic guitar. While typically class A designs are limited by lower clean headroom, the Z-PLUS utilizes two 6V6 power tubes in parallel which increases clean headroom, per Joe Walsh’s request.

For the best of both worlds, the inclusion of a half-power switch drops the second 6V6 out of operation, rewarding you with touch responsive drive, dynamic compression, and lowered headroom. All of the typical Dr. Z features are included: full EQ with master volume and cut, hi and lo sensitivity inputs, an effects loop, a rich reverb circuit, and our variable boost footswitch.

Condition: Near Mint. Late model example with very low hours. Super clean from head to toe. Functions 100% and sounds awesome!

  • Power Output: 7/15 Watts (half power mode)
  • Output Tubes: 2 – 6V6 (Class A, cathode biased)
  • Preamp Tubes: 4 – 12AX7, 1 – 12AT7
  • Rectifier: 1 – 5AR4
  • Controls: Volume, Treble, Mid, Bass, Cut, Master Volume, Reverb
  • Effects loop
  • Variable Boost Footswitch
  • Parallel, Single-Ended Design
  • 1×12 Studio Combo: 19 ¼” W, 19 ½” H, 10 ½ ” D; 38 lbs.
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