Collings I-30 LC Blonde w/ Throbaks

Collings I-30 LC Blonde w/ Throbaks

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Anyone that knows us knows we simply love ES-330s. While ES-335s are obviously amazing, the totally hollow ES-330 has an overall musicality that makes them really appealing. Players as diverse as Grant Green to John Lennon (who used the Epiphone Casino, which is essentially the same model) have called upon this model, and for good reason - they're able to cover a surprisingly wide range of tones while delivering an acoustic-meets-electric feel. Quick footnote - these are really fun and rewarding guitars to play even without an amp, making them perfect for couch sessions or late night playing.

The Throbak 55/56 P90s possess more of that classic P90 bite, pushed midrange, and warmth. If you're going for "the best vintage sounding I-30" these might be for you. Like all Collings guitars, the build, fit-finish, setup, and playability are perfect, quite literally.

Seasoned electric players looking to expand their palette to acoustic players looking for their first electric will find a lot to like with the I-30LC. Some might even say it's the perfect "cross-over" electric due to its hollow-body construction and feel, yet it sounds as good as any electric guitar out there. Priced with hardshell case. 

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