Aguilar TH 500 Gen 2 500-Watt Bass Amplifier

Aguilar TH 500 Gen 2 500-Watt Bass Amplifier
Aguilar TH 500 Gen 2 500-Watt Bass Amplifier
Aguilar TH 500 Gen 2 500-Watt Bass Amplifier
Aguilar TH 500 Gen 2 500-Watt Bass Amplifier
Aguilar TH 500 Gen 2 500-Watt Bass Amplifier

Aguilar TH 500 Gen 2 500-Watt Bass Amplifier

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Power Output

500 watts
Solid State
Class D
Cabinet IR Capable

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Designed for the discerning bassists, the Tone Hammer series offers a lightweight yet powerful solution inspired by the soulful warmth of tube amplifiers.

The Tone Hammer Gen 2's rich and harmonic preamps offers a round, full-bodied character, making every note resonate with depth. It also features a classic 3-band EQ set with bass, treble and fully sweepable midrange controls.

The Drive control adds distortion and even more tube-like grit and punch to your sound. Equipped with the Aguilar Cabinet Suite, universal mains, and expanded connectivity options, the Tone Hammer series meets the performance needs of bassists, ensuring a flawless blend between live, studio, and at-home settings.

Cabinet Suite

With Aguilar's software suite players have the ability to load any in-house designed SL / DB cabinet IR’s or load their own custom IR files for cabinet emulation options via XLR or headphone out.


With dual XLR’s users can freely shape their tone and apply cabinet IR’s for their monitor mix while simultaneously using the additional XLR to send a pre-eq’d signal to the front of house mix. Now you can keep your engineer happy and your monitor world inspired! These amps also feature Aux In and Headphone out options for silent practice as well as mix control for fine tuning your listening experience.

Universal Mains

The Tone Hammer Series features universal mains for worry-free voltage changes when traveling internationally and the ability to support a 2.67 ohm load for expanded cabinet pairings.


Power Output: 500 watts
Preamp Section: Solid State
Power Section: Class D
Transformer: Switching mode power supply (SMPS)
EQ Section: Bass: +/- 17 dB @ 40 Hz / Mid Level: +/- 16 dB / Mid Frequency: 180 Hz – 1 kHz / Treble: +/- 14 dB @ 4 kHz
Drive Control: Fully adjustable featuring Aguilar’s proprietary AGS (adaptive gain shaping) circuit
Effects Loop: Series operation. Adds 6 dB of additional gain making it useful for a broad range of effects units.
Inputs: One 1/4″ input jack compatible with all active and passive basses
Speaker Outputs: One Neutrik Speakon speaker outputs.
Balanced Output: XLR balanced output with pre/post EQ and ground lift switch
Tuner output
Cooling: Two high-quality whisper fans with thermal speed control

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