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1924 Gibson F5 Lloyd Loar | Heiden A Standard Plus | Nugget A5 Dlx | Girouard Two-Point Ensemble | Gibson K-5C Mandocello

Gibson F-5 Lloyd Loar Signed

This is the tone we all have in our heads, the pinnacle of American mandolins and the model for everything to follow.

1924 Gibson F-5 | Lloyd Loar Signed

Fall 2023 Mandolin Gems

Heiden A Standard Plus

2022 | Pre-Owned

For the mandolinist who favors tonal complexity, prizes superb responsiveness, and appreciates effortless playability in an A-style mandolin, it simply does not get better than this.

Girouard Two-Point Ensemble Symmetrical w/Calton Case

Brand New

Combining artful design and exacting build standards, Max and Lauri Girouard are making some of the finest mandolins available today.

Nugget A5 Deluxe

2007 | Pre-Owned

A broad, thick, round fundamental note with great warmth—the classic Nugget tone in a classy satin-finished A body.

Gibson K-5C Mandocello

2011 | Pre-Owned

Surprisingly agile player with the acoustic fullness and focus only a 17" archtop can provide.


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