I-35 Series

With their I-35 line-up, Collings has really perfected the semi-hollow recipe, so to speak. For starters, the I-35's smaller 15" body feels more comfortable to most folks, the build quality is consistently flawless, and the tones you can coax from these guitars are off-the-charts great.

I-35 Features


Collings offers both laminate construction (LC) and all solid wood versions of their I-35 model. Regardless of which model you choose, know that every Collings has been rigorously tested and designed to have exceptional response and tonality.


Collings pairs their world-class I-35 with equally world-class pickups from Lollar, Throbak, or Ron Ellis.


A combination of exacting PLEK machine leveling and hand fret dressing ensures consistently excellent playability and a silky fret feel.


By meticulously hand-sanding between coats, Collings' nitrocellulose lacquer finishes measure between .005" and .007" in final thickness, maximizing acoustic response while providing excellent protection and aesthetics.


Collings electrics feature Gotoh tuners and Kluson tune-o-matic bridges & stop tailpieces.

Custom Trim

Collings crafts their pickguard, knob, pickup surrounds, switch tips, and peghead materials in house, providing custom aesthetics.

Previously Sold Examples

Birdseye Maple Custom (Deluxe Model)
Tiger Eye (Deluxe Model)
Aged Jet Black (LC Model)
Aged Blonde (Vintage Model)
Aged Caramel w/Bigsby (Deluxe Model)
Custom Vintage Cherry (Deluxe Model)
Iced Tea Sunburst (LC Model)
Merlot (LC Model)
Tobacco Sunburst (Vintage Model)
Charcoal Frost (LC Model)
Dark Cherry (Deluxe Model)
Scarlet Sunburst (Deluxe Model)
Mermaid Blue (Deluxe Model)
Sapphire Blue (Deluxe Model)
Aged Sherwood Green (LC Deluxe Model)

I-35LC Aged w/Throbaks Demo | Duke Levine

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