290 Series

The Collings 290 nails the stripped-down charm the late '50s 'student model' electrics while offering subtle, but meaningful, refinements to the overall build quality and playability. The classic P90/Mahogany body recipe delivers fantastic chime, midrange snarl, gorgeous cleans or Marshall half-stack ready overdriven tones.

290 Features

Premium Tonewoods

Each Collings 290 is constructed of solid Honduran mahogany that is acquired, acclimated, and hand selected for density and acoustical response by master luthiers at the Collings shop.


Whether loaded with P90s or humbuckers, Collings pairs their world-class 290 with equally world-class pickups from Lollar, Throbak, or Ron Ellis.


A combination of exacting PLEK machine leveling and hand fret dressing ensures consistently excellent playability and a silky fret feel.


By meticulously hand-sanding between coats, Collings' nitrocellulose lacquer finishes measure between .005" and .007" in final thickness, maximizing acoustic response while providing excellent protection and aesthetics.


Collings electrics feature Gotoh tuners, Kluson tune-o-matic bridges & stop tailpieces, or Mojoaxe Wraptail bridges.

Custom Trim

Collings crafts their pickguard and peghead materials in house, providing custom aesthetics.

Previously Sold Examples

TV Yellow
Dog Hair
Tobacco Sunburst
Olive Drab
Candy Apple Red
Jet Black
Pelham Blue
Charcoal Frost
Vintage White

290 Demo | Josh Smith

290 Demo | Anthony DaCosta