Tone-Gard Vintage Mandolin

Tone-Gard Vintage Mandolin

Tone-Gard Vintage Mandolin

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Used by countless mandolin players, the Tone Gard has become a ubiquitous accessory in the mandolin world, helping players get the most volume and the truest tone from their instruments. The idea is pretty straightforward: by isolating the back of the mandolin from the player's torso/belly, the back plate can vibrate more freely.

You can test this out for yourself by comparing the sound of the mandolin played while holding the mandolin against your body versus held off your body. The difference in physical vibration, tone, and volume are clearly audible.

In addition, the Gard, well, guards against belt rash and other potential sources of war and tear on the back.

The Tone Gard for mandolin comes in two sizes. This, the Vintage Gard will fit mandolins that measure from 10" to 10-3/8″ across the back, including the following makers/models:

  • vintage, 'teens oval-hole Gibsons
  • Eastman
  • Ellis
  • Pava
  • Northfield's Big Mon
  • many more...

We also carry the Sunrise Guard, intended for mandolins measuring 9 3/4" to 9 15/16" across the lower bout. This will fit Collings A and F models, Gibson F models, most Northfield models (aside from the Big Mon) and countless others.

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