Morgan AC20 Head (USED)

Morgan AC20 Head (USED)
Morgan AC20 Head (USED)
Morgan AC20 Head (USED)
Morgan AC20 Head (USED)
Morgan AC20 Head (USED)
Morgan AC20 Head (USED)

Morgan AC20 Head (USED)

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“It is impossible to get a bad sound out of this amp!”

Plugging into the AC20 and you will instantly notice the familiar chime and compression of the Class A EL84 driven output section. Instantly U2, Tom Petty, Queen will be right there at your fingertips. Like all Morgan amps the AC20 was designed with the pedalboard player in mind. This amp loves all pedals and was designed in a matter where even modulation pedals like reverb and delay sound best in front of the amp. The amplifier’s extreme touch-sensitivity will allow you to coax clean tones even at the highest of gain settings. To quote Keith Armstrong (Chief Engineer at Mix LA) “It is impossible to get a bad sound out of this amp!”

The hand crafted in USA head shell is made of void-less Baltic birch ply wrapped in our twilight finish, a proprietary custom ballistic vinyl covering that is vulcanized to the wood to ensure long lasting durability.

The Power Level control is a big part of the magic of the AC-20. Most guitarists today have spent large sums of money and even more amounts of time working on their pedal boards. Most pedals are not designed to be used with a tube amp on “1”. They were designed to interact with the amplifier at or near the point at which it begins to break up. That is why an overdrive pedal is called an “over” drive. It is driving the amp over that point. Unfortunately that volume can be too loud for most live applications. The Power Level control on the AC20 solves this. Think of conventional master volumes as a spigot on a garden hose, they choke off the signal to the power section of the amp to a usable level. Most conventional master volumes also affect the way your pedals interact with your amp. The Power Level control behaves like a zoom lens. It limits the size of the output signal that can be produced by the output tubes. It does NOT choke the signal down and therefore behaves identical as if the amp were running at full volume. This means that you can choose the power that you need, anything from ¼ of a watt to 20 watts.

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Power: ¼ – 20w variable (tube)
Hand-wired in the USA
2x EL-84 power tubes
2x 12AX7 preamp tubes. 5.
Power Level control
Global Cut – removes high frequencies from the power section
Bright switch
Bass Cut Switch
2×8 ohm 1×16 ohm outputs
Dimensions: head 7.5″ (D) x 17″ (W) x 9.75″ (H)
Weight: 25 lb. Head

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