Swart Atomic Space Tone Pro NL w/ Celestion Ruby

Swart Atomic Space Tone Pro NL w/ Celestion Ruby
Swart Atomic Space Tone Pro NL w/ Celestion Ruby
Swart Atomic Space Tone Pro NL w/ Celestion Ruby
Swart Atomic Space Tone Pro NL w/ Celestion Ruby

Swart Atomic Space Tone Pro NL w/ Celestion Ruby

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The Atomic Space Tone. A legendary amp that helped solidify Swart's reputation many moons ago. The Pro version of the AST, featured here, makes the amp a bit more road worthy with a deeper cabinet, an enlarged back port with ins/outs and a Night Light input (Swarts fantastic attenuator), and extra large rubber feet for vibration/protection. Otherwise, everything you love about the standard AST is here.

We've gone ahead and added the Night Light to this already versatile package, maximizing the amp's potential both on stage and at home or in the studio. The full size Night Light Attenuator offers up the ability to tailor your favorite amp settings while controlling overall output/volume. It integrates seamlessly with the AST Pro via the In/Out jacks on the rear panel. The Night Light has a Bypass switch that gives you the option of toggling from an attenuated signal to full output, as well as a unique Compression circuit that adds a compression stage to your output signal, leaning towards a more tube saturated tone.

Here's Michael describing the idea behind the AST....

"The idea of the AST hit me when I was working on a vintage Gibson Scout amp. It had Reverb, Tremolo, and 15 watts of pure rocking vintage tone power but only three preamp tubes and two EL-84 output tubes. I thought to myself - I have never seen an amp that could do so much with so little and sound surprisingly good. But I knew it could be even better. I knew something could be built revolving around my favorite little tone generator, the 6v6. I sent a note of thanks to my cohort for the inspiration for one of the best amplifiers I have ever built..."

Let's face it, just from looks alone you know this is gonna be a fun amp, right? Loud enough for small/medium sized gigs, old-school richness and depth of tone, reverb and tremolo to die for....if you love old Gibson amps or early 50s Fender amps, get thee to the "add to cart" button asap! The AST Pro is your dream come true - all that's great about those amps but none of the hassles of maintaining a vintage amp (and the AST Pro has WAY more horsepower so you can show that drummer what's up!). What's not to love?

  • The AC is cleaned and rectified by the reliable JJ 5AR4, this a very robust tube providing excellent sonics due to the total lack of solid-state circuits in the rectification stage (SS rectification leads to a more hard/harsh tone and slams the tubes on power-up causing excess tube wear).
  • A heavy duty, JJ 500V Surface mount capacitor is the mains filtering device. Powered by Twin EH 6v6's putting out 18-22 cathode biased Watts; the twin 6V6s seem to really put out an amazing mixture of soul~tone. We love this combo! (You can also sub 6L6s for a bit more headroom due to the extra beefy Heyboer Power Transformer).
  • A 12AX7 does duty as the driver and bias regulated Tremolo. Ever heard tube tremolo? You will now. Simply put, if you're a tremolo fan, you won't go back.
  • Reverb is all tube. Tube Reverb is the only way to go and our implementation leaves the competition sounding two-dimensional.
  • The first preamp tube is another dedicated rocking 12AX7 to drive this beast to Mount St. Helens and back. Our whole driver/preamp circuit has been optimized from months of testing. The AST sings like no other
  • Custom built, Heavy Duty, power and output transformers from HeyBoer USA.
  • Carbon Comp Resistors for the BEST tone. Period.
  • Mallory, Sprague and JJ Caps - only the best, all considered for their appropriate roles.
  • Finest silver tinned Teflon covered wire
  • Hand Wired, point-to-point circuit.
  • High and low inputs for high and low output pickups.
  • Controls: Volume, Tone Speed, Depth, Space (Reverb)
  • Celestion Alnico Ruby 35 Watt 12" Speaker
  • Swart Night Light Attenuator w/ Speaker Cables
  • Dimensions: 15 1/2" W x 10 1/8" D X 18 7/8" H
  • Weight: 31lbs

Night Light Specs

  • Filament BULB Compression Mode - This mode runs the attenuated signal through a Swart jewel lamp filament, bringing a subtle tube compression/brown sound goodness.  Ever wonder what your signal sounded like through a light bulb?   You'll be addicted in seconds. NOTE: This switch ONLY works with LEVEL chickenhead at 12:00
  • Bypass Compression Mode - Removes the light compressor out of the circuit for more natural dynamics. With level at 12:00, this is least attenuation/highest volume setting.
  • Heavy Duty 3 Position Switch - This main chicken head switch allows you to switch between FOUR different attenuation settings.  At first setting, or 12:00, the NL can cycle between the COMP and DECOMP switch which brings two levels; DECOMP is least attenuated or loudest setting with COMP position bringing more attenuation via the bulb filament. Turn the switch to 2:00 will bring more attenuation, bypassing the DECOMP/COMP switch. The lowest setting is about the same loudness as your guitar string.

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