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Fender Custom Shop | Custom Order Process Overview

Looking for a Fender Custom Shop guitar or bass that's dialed in perfectly to your playing style and specs? You're in the right place. We're happy to help you place a custom order with the Fender Custom Shop.

1) Chose your build level


From the initial concept to the final touches, a Master Builder will personally oversee every step of your instrument's build. This ensures that the instrument not only meets the highest standards of quality, but also embodies the unique qualities and characteristics that you're seeking.


A Team Built Custom Shop guitar lets you define your ideal instrument. Begin with a base model and choose from Fender's vast selection of options to customize it as little or as much as you want to meet your personal needs, aesthetic taste and playing style.

2) Chose your base model

P Bass
J Bass

3) Choose Your Aging Level

NOS (New Old Stock)

Models from the past that have survived to the present day looking brand new. An all-lacquer finish that looks as if it hasn’t aged at all - as if you went back in time and bought it.

Closet Classic

No real playing wear, but more subtle indications of the ages, such as a finish that has lost its sheen, mild discoloration of plastic parts, metal hardware showing slight oxidation, “mild” finish checking and minor surface scratches on the body and headstock.

Journeyman Relic

Handed down or changed hands through the years, but mostly played around the house, with the occasional jam session or weekend gig. Has been well taken care of over the years but has finish checking, some “friendly” down-to-the-wood nicks and dings, dullish hardware, and moderate playing wear—a very lucky find.


The Authentic worn-in wear of a guitar that has experienced many years of regular use in clubs and bars. Marks that tell a story, finish checking all over the body; scars dings and dents from bridge to headstock.

Heavy Relic

A relic treatment designed to evoke decades of the most punishing play and touring. From serious dings and wear, to intensely discolored hardware and finish, the true battle-hardened workhorse.

Super Heavy Relic

The heaviest of Fender's aging treatments, showcasing extreme wear and tear. Worn down to the wood in all the right places, broken in and comfortable like it was well-loved for decades.

4) Chose your specs

At this stage of the process, you'll be getting into the finer points of you build. Topics to cover are:

  • Tonewood Selection
  • Color
  • Neck Shape
  • Frets
  • Pickups
  • Wiring
  • Hardware

Given the amount of options available, we'd advise taking a look at the Fender Custom Shop Design Guide via the link below.

5) Contact us for a quote

Have questions about specs or perhaps you're ready to place your order? Drop us a line with your choices and we'll get you a quote and estimated delivery date.