Buyer Guide

Lowden | Body Shapes

Lowden offers four primary body shapes, each with its own tonal characteristics and playability. When deciding on which Lowden guitar best fits your playing style and needs, consider the following factors:

  1. Playing Style: Are you primarily a fingerstyle player, a strummer, or a mix of both? Different body shapes can emphasize different aspects of your playing style.
  2. Tonal Preferences: Do you prefer a more balanced tone, a strong bass presence, or a particular tonal character? Each body shape has its own tonal attributes.
  3. Comfort: Consider the physical comfort of playing different body shapes. Some players might find smaller bodies more comfortable, while others prefer the feel of larger instruments.
  4. Intended Use: Think about the settings in which you'll be playing. Will you be performing on stage, recording in a studio, or playing at home? Different body shapes can excel in various environments.
  5. Aesthetic Preferences: Of course, visual appeal also matters. Choose a guitar that resonates with you visually as well as sonically.

The Original


The second largest of the Lowden models after the Baritone, the ‘O’ has been likened to a ‘Jumbo’ style guitar. The "O" model offers enhanced projection and a richer, fuller sound. It's well-suited for players who want a warm and balanced tone, with a stronger bass presence compared to the smaller models. Fingerstyle players and strummers alike can find the "O" shape appealing


The F's smaller soundbox shape produces more projection and midrange response than the ‘O’ making it perfect for flat pickers but it has also found its way into the hands of finger style players, blues guitarists and others. The soundbox geometry is designed, and the bracing voiced to have a flat bias, favouring neither treble or bass.
Small Body


The "S" model from Lowden features a compact and comfortable small body design. It's known for its focused midrange, clear articulation, and controlled bass response. This body shape is well-suited for fingerstyle players and those who prioritize a balanced tone with great note definition.
Wee Lowden


The "WL" model is Lowden's interpretation of a parlor guitar, featuring a smaller body size. Despite its compact dimensions, the "WL" offers surprising volume and a unique character. It's great for intimate settings and players who appreciate a focused and responsive sound.