"I've always made things. I can't remember a time when I didn't. I've worked as a saddlemaker, carpenter, joiner, aircraft toolmaker, racing motorcycle chassis maker, racing motorcycle engine builder and tuner, guitar repairer and maker. I've also always played guitar which led to several years working for one of London's leading repair shops. Spending time with vintage instruments and their unique and quirky nature, like the motorcycles of the same era, has been a source of inspiration for my own designs." -Damian Probett

Apologies in advance for posting a Probett that was custom ordered / not for sale. We see so few guitars from the brilliant, UK-based Damian Probett that when one passes through the shop we have to show it off! 

This is only the second "Meteor" model we've gotten our hands-on but the description of the first one is 100% applicable here too. Here it is...

We can probably all agree that the basic parameters of guitar evaluation are: overall build quality, playability, tone, and looks. Sounds about right, yes? There's one other factor that is always present in a exceptional instrument: Feel. Soul. Vibe. Mojo. Whatever you call it, the best builders know how to infuse their instruments with it. Probett's newest model, the Meteor, is a marvel of all the above parameters. One part Tele, one part Gibson, 100% Probett (read: amazing).

Build quality? Off the charts great. We're going to go out on a limb and say, it's flawless. Literally. Guitars don't really get much better than this. Damian's attention to detail shows itself at every turn (dig that headstock design - Tele over a Strat? Too cool). 

Playability? Exceptional. Gibson, late-50s style neck carve ('59 LP-ish), excellent fretwork, slinky overall feel. In a word? Luxurious. 

Tone? Muscular, twangy (see bridge), snappy, bold, powerful...we could go on. It's a killer sounding guitar that melds the best of a Gibson's midrange and punch with the snap and articulation of a great Tele. "Will it cover jazz?" Yes. "Country?" Yes. "Rock? Blues?" Most definitely.

Looks? You've seen Andy's pics, yes? Killer. 

"So what about that feel thing you're going on and on about?"

This is where you separate the builders from the builders. Damian's guitars have a ton of soul. All this perfection doesn't come at the expense of an instrument you actually want to play and make music with (some do get too perfect, right?). Just like a great LP or Tele just pulls music out of you, so too does the Meteor. Sterile is the last word we'd use to describe a Probett. Inspiring is more like it! 

Sound to good to be true? Normally we'd be skeptical as well, but we've learned that when it has Probett on the headstock you can rest assured it's not. Phenomenal guitars, the end. Priced with hardshell case. 


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