American Professional II

The American Professional II Series was designed to occupy a middle ground between Fender's vintage reissue models (American Vintage series) and their more modern and feature-rich instruments (American Ultra series). A perfect option for traditionalists seeking classic Fender tones and aesthetics, as well as modern players looking for contemporary features and playability.

American Professional II Features

Alder Bodies

The American Pro II's we stock feature Alder bodies, a classic Fender tone wood that delivers rich, punchy midrange and sweet top-end.

V-Mod Pickups

Legendary pickup maker, Tim Shaw, designed the American Pro II's V-Mod pickups to deliver all the classic chime that defined the Strats of old, with drastically enhanced clarity and articulation.

"Super Natural" Satin Finished Necks

The back of the American Professional II neck is satin finished, creating an instantly comfortable, broken-feel.

American Professional II | Introduction