"We strive to design and build amps with a distinct character, sonic personality, flexibility, and practical features that will inspire you to create your very own signature sound at volume levels appropriate for home, studio, and stage." - Steve Carr

We simply love these Carr Sportsman amps. Per the Carr website, the goal was to fuse "the insistent purity of '60s American 1x12 reverb-style amps with the more aggressive dual 6V6 power section of the late '50s."

With the Headroom control up and the volume low, it produces super clean tones with plenty of sparkle and depth. When you push it, there's plenty of Texas bite and growl. Insanely fun with all kinds of color to play with. Think updated / improved Princeton Reverb and that will get you in the ballpark.

An excellent amp all around!


  • 19 Watts
  • Tubes: 2 12AX7, 2 12AT7, 2 6v6
  • 1 Channel
  • Volume, Treble, Middle, Bass, Reverb, and Headroom controls
  • Eminence Red White & Blues 16 Ohm 12" speaker
  • 19.5" x 17" x 10.125" 
  • 42 lbs

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