Universal Audio Astra Modulation

Universal Audio Astra Modulation

Universal Audio Astra Modulation

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9v DC
Power Draw
400 mA
Live & Preset

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Built upon the powerful new UAFX dual-engine processing and unmatched levels of quirky analog realism, Astra delivers richly addictive vintage modulation, beautifully crafted to inspire you for decades.

Why We Love This

Taking you deep down the rabbit hole of classic analog modulation, UAFX Astra Modulation Machine serves up the most sonically authentic bucket-brigade chorus/vibrato, studio flanger/doubler, and tube-driven tremolo effects ever placed into a single stompbox.


Astra's Brigade Chorus mode gives you the most complete circuit emulation of the landmark Boss CE-1 — including its preamp section for authentically thick saturated sounds — letting you paint with subtle ripples of analog texture and tone - adding chewiness shimmer and motion to everything you play.


Astra's Flanger/Dblr effect is the only end‑to‑end circuit emulation of an ultra‑rare vintage unit capturing its original features to a "T" and putting impossibly dense complex flanging/doubling right at your feet.

Trem 65

Few things compare to the optical tube-driven tremolo of '60s American amplifiers. Trem 65 is a faithful emulation of this classic circuit. From shimmering ripples to choppy mayhem every dynamic detail is captured in UA style down to the complex interactions between the light source photoresistor and 12AT7 driver tube. Plus you can explore further and create your own trem textures with variable sine and square wave settings.

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