Jam Pedals Retrovibe

Jam Pedals Retrovibe

Jam Pedals Retrovibe

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The RetroVibe is Jam Pedal's take on the greatest Uni-Vibe pedal ever made! The RetroVibe employs 4 photocells and a bulb to nail that Vibe sound we all know and love. You can choose between Vibrato and Chorus settings - anything from slow liquid sounds all the way to fast Leslie speaker effects. Hendrix/Floyd fans, rejoice! This is IT! 

The original goal was to achieve the sound of a vintage Uni-Vibe, but after getting there, we looked into taking things a few extra steps further. We incorporated an internal trimmer that affects the maximum intensity of the effect, but also dramatically manipulates the sound of the RetroVibe, all the while, maintaining the pedal's true vintage character. 

**NOTE: Pedal artwork subject to change**

"I literally was looking everywhere for the right kind of vibe. As you know I'm a tone freak and we're always searching for the best...I just knew immediately that that's the sound that I was looking for...whenever I need that tone, RetroVibe is by far my favorite one! - Andy Timmons 

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