Hudson Electronics Sidecar

Hudson Electronics Sidecar

Hudson Electronics Sidecar

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Join us in welcoming our newest pedal lineup for 2021 - Hudson Electronics! This UK-based pedal company has been making some of the most unique and toneful overdrives and boosts on the market, capturing the feel and vibe of classic UK preamps and consoles from the 1960s and squeezing them into pedalboard-friendly boxes. A few of us have been rocking Hudson pedals on our own pedalboards for years, so it's exciting to bring another beloved lineup into the shop!

Here's what Hudson says about their Sidecar overdrive...  

Our take on the classic 808 circuit with the added versatility of a powerful two-band EQ which draws inspiration from a vintage Studer recording console. Packed with attitude and full of character, the Sidecar can cover classic overdrive and distortion as well as, at extreme settings, fuzz and boost.

The front end of the Sidecar is a modified version of the classic 808 overdrive, tuned for a bigger low-end, wider gain range and greater headroom. At the heart of the clipping section lies a pair of germanium diodes chosen for its ‘softer’ response characteristics, retaining your playing dynamics and feel. The powerful two-band Baxandall equaliser section follows the drive section and provides up to 15dB of cut and boost of the high and low bands, allowing you to sculpt your tone whilst remaining musical at all times.

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