We're having a ton of fun with our first Caroline Guitar Company pedal! This Columbia, South Carolina-based company is run by former touring pro musicians in what they call their "small batch distortery". Love it. 

The Kilobyte is an incredibly cool looking - and sounding, of course - low-fi delay pedal. Anything from clear repeats to beautifully grainy repeats, complete with optional modulation, are on tap with the twist of a knob. When you want to replicate the end of Radiohead's "Karma Police" - or better yet, you're own sonic mayhem - the "Havoc" momentary foot switch comes in very handy. Simply play a lick or riff and engage the switch and the delays will swell in volume and intensity until you're awash in old-school-spaceship-lifting-off fun. 

Though we're not dealers for CGC, we really dig what these guys are up to. We've tried them all with regard to delays and think you should definitely check this one out. It's a cool mix of useful features and old-school delay charm that's housed in the type of box that just makes you want to make music with it. 

Condition: Like new w/original box. 


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