TME's Exclusive Yanuziello Model: "The Continental"

It's no secret that we're huge fans of Joe Yanuziello and his instruments here at TME. His one and only electric model is a masterpiece of both design and craftsmanship - truly an inspirational guitar that occupies a unique place in the world of guitar design and, frankly, is nearly impossible to put down once you start playing it. If you've kept an eye on our website you've likely noticed how quickly Joe's guitars sell in our shop - word is quickly spreading about Joe's guitars (and rightfully so!). 

We approached Joe a few years ago to see if he would be open to building an exclusive TME version of his lauded electric model - worst he could say is no thanks, right? Joe, being the gracious Canadian gentleman that he is, was not only open to the idea of a TME model, he immediately started generating ideas. "I'm very excited about this one!" We have the best job ever you say? Yes, yes we do. 

Joe's goal with this guitar, dubbed "The Continental", was to create an "elegant, clean, and classy" instrument. 

What follows is a in-progress photo documentary of a Continental being built...




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