TME Vlogs, Episode 10: Martin VS. Collings!

In our latest shop vlog, TME staffers Andy and Adam run down the differences between the Martin "Custom Authentic" D-28 and the Collings D2HA "Traditional." When we posted our initial demo of the D-28 "Custom Authentic" and asked you to comment for an A/B candidate, the responses were overwhelmingly slanted towards a Collings. Since the D-28 CA and the Collings D2HA-T align closely, in terms of specs and concept (these models represent their respective builders' attempts to make a 1937-style dreadnought with Indian Rosewood and an adjustable truss rod), we though it'd be a good excuse to get to that A/B we promised a few weeks ago ... AND to speak about how the Martin sound and Collings sound compare in a more general sense. We're using an "Edwina" from Ear Trumpet Labs to record the guitars.

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