TME Vlogs: The New TME Exclusive b3 'Telstar'

Imagine someone at Fender unearthing a long-lost prototype that Leo Fender was working on in the years after the launch of the Telecaster on his way to designing the Stratocaster. That, in a nutshell, is the concept the new b3 Telstar conjures up for us.

The way b3's Gene Baker has blended elements of both designs is so seamless that its easy to imagine this being the missing link between a Tele and a Strat - and - who better to bring this design to life than Gene, the Fender Custom Shop's first Master Builder back in the early days of the Custom Shop?

The body of the Telstar spits the differences between these two iconic Fender models in a north / south orientation. The "southern" half of the body is all Tele - same body radius, control layout, horn shape, etc...The "northern" half of the body is a Stratocaster with its body radius and contours. The basic idea being that a Tele is more comfortable for seated playing - and some also prefer its control plate layout - while a Strat's tummy cut and arm contour are more comfy overall. Makes perfect sense!

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