"We build guitars and ukuleles in our San Francisco workshop using wood free, worry free Ekoa, and carbon fiber composites. Advanced molding and machining techniques are blended with traditional instrument craft. All of our instruments share hollow neck construction for enhanced tone and durability." -Joe Luttwak & Kyle Wolf, Blackbird

TME is happy to be stocking Clara ukes from the Blackbird Guitar Company! We're always on the lookout for sustainably-made, travel-friendly instruments--but the tone of non-wooden instruments typically leaves a lot to be desired. Not so with these beautiful ukes! Handmade in San Francisco, the Clara is constructed from Blackbird's patented 'EKoa,' a plant-fiber-based linen, which is layered and molded to form the body and neck of the uke. They're extremely lightweight (the neck is hollow!), extremely resonant, and resistant to the pesky issues of humidity that usually put a damper on your plans to travel with your uke. But most importantly--the tone is fantastic. So good, in fact, that we were a bit shocked. Once you get one of these in your hands and strum it, we think you will be too. Priced with gig bag, featuring Misi-Fishman pickup!

Pictures may vary slightly from current stock.


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