Guitar Repairs & Service

Given the sheer number of instruments that pass through our door, it has become necessary to limit our repair services to only those instruments that we have sold. So if you’re a past client with a guitar you purchased from us 20 years ago or a more recent owner, we’ll be here to service your instrument. Just reach out and let us know the nature of your problem. And if we can’t service it in house, we have some of the best luthiers in the business at our disposal.

The Music Emporium has a long history of excellent repair services and has had some of the industry's best repairman work in or through the store. Dana Bourgeois, TJ Thompson, Tyler Unger, Matt Arcara, and a host of others have all provided their expert luthier services to our vast customer base. Every instrument that passes through our showroom goes through a rigorous evaluation and set-up process before going out for sale. Even then,we recognize that everyone has their own preference for action, string gauge, and neck relief. So no matter who made the instrument or how old or new, The Music Emporium will make sure it is set up to play to suit your needs. From aggressive bluegrass action to the lightest finger style attack, we can accommodate whatever your needs might be. Just ask and we’ll make sure it is 100% right for your style of playing.


Boston Area Techs

For those instruments that weren’t purchased at The Music Emporium, we invite you to reach out to any of the following local techs. Their services have been vetted and they all have a long history of quality repair work.

Dan Armstrong @ Armstrong Guitars in Natick, MA

Matt Arcara @ MGA Guitars in Portland, ME

Pat DiBurro @ DiBurro Guitars (for Martin, Taylor and Collings warranty work) in Exeter, NH

Steve Morrill @ Steve Morrill Guitar Repair in Boston MA

Wood and Strings in Arlington, MA