Ron Ellis 64S Fat Stratocaster Set

Ron Ellis 64S Fat Stratocaster Set

Ron Ellis 64S Fat Stratocaster Set

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To understand the "Fat" version of the Ellis 64S set, let's start with a basic description of the standard 64S set....

Simply put? The 64Sset has the classic early to mid-60’s Strat sound. They are a bit rounder and deeper sounding on the notes vs the 57 set. This set is based on measurements taken from the pickups in Doyle Bramhall II’s original ‘64 Strat. Doyle, Kirk Fletcher and a number of Nashville and L.A. artists are using the 64S.

The 64S Fat set is a fatter wound version of the 64S set like what is found in some of the mid 60s Stratocaster style pickups. This provides a punchier tone and more mid-range compared to the 64 set. This set has the SRV true Texas tone.

Please note: Per our shop policies, pickups are non-returnable. Strat pickup sets do not include pickup covers.

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